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Reviewed 10/5/09


I Love Fish, But...

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Tuna Martini

My horizons were expanded with a visit to our family in China. Yes, sushi is popular throughout Asia and we were very fortunate to partake in the best of Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai.

While there, my spouse and I discovered and fell in love with clean, simple, delicate combinations expertly crafted before our eyes. So, when our local Asian restaurant opened the first sushi bar in the neighborhood, we had to try it.

Tsunami sits in a nondescript WalMart Shopping Center at the northwest corner of Lockwood Ridge and University Parkway. Now, don’t let appearances fool you! Its humble exterior belies the tasty happenings inside.

The ambiance skews an upscale, modern metro vibe with a soundless flat-screen television hanging behind the sushi bar and smooth jazz playing quietly in the background. It is ideal for business meetings, celebrations, holiday parties, and the like.

Patrons are welcomed to two dining locations with Japanese teppanyaki cooking (hibachi) that accommodates up to 40 people as well as an adjacent room housing sleek granite tables and intimate seating at the sushi bar. Thai and Japanese specialties are also featured offering poultry, beef, pork, seafood, duck and frog legs along with mixed vegetable and noodle dishes. Yes, there are several "vegetarian plates" and the sushi and sashimi choices are too numerous to mention, but they can be purchased a la carte or as a meal accompanied by Miso Soup and Salad.

My spouse and I have always favored salmon as well as the red, white and yellow tail tunas, yet, with each subsequent visit, we’ve acquired many new additions...Like... Sea Urchin, mackerel and an exceptional squid salad!!!

Our host/owner, Ven, oversees every detail and tempts us with new creative offerings each visit. Upon our last encounter, we were the lucky recipients of the following delights...
Do you like martinis?
How about a "Tuna Martini"? No liquor...but, the tender slices of seared tuna with tataki sauce over daikon (raddish) and lettuce was melt in your mouth perfection. All, skillfully constructed in a blue martini glass topped with fried wontons. Another succulent offering was the "Lily Flower"... Thinly sliced “petals” of seared tuna arranged around green and spicy red seaweed salad enhanced with ponsu and eel sauce. Very, very good!!!

Have you ever sampled Japanese Beer?
Tsunami has a great selection including a number of beers...Japaneese, Chinese, Thai and the domestics. My spouse is hooked on "Asahi" a very light, crisp, refreshing Japaneese draft beer that bodes well with sashimi. Wine and a vast variety of sake (perhaps the largest in town) is available for your dining pleasure.

What sets Tsunami apart from others is the desire to please devoted patrons.
With every visit, you too, can be the recipient of fantastic, fresh creations! And, Ven is ready to educate your palate with new textures, flavors and fish you’ve seen on display but were afraid to try.

There’s plenty of competition with two new establishments nearby, but none will compare with Tsunami’s engaging staff, exceptional prices... and OUTSTANDING QUALITY!

  Asian Cuisine
8404 N. Lockwood Ridge Rd.
941-358-6168 Reservations
$$$ L,D Japanese / Thai Cuisine

Sushi & Sashimi Specialties
Hibachi & Thai Specialties
Take-Out & Catering

Thank you for visiting...and "Good Eating" at Tsunami!

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